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EPiServerMail should be reactivated if the project is moved / copied

The following information should be considered when opting to move / copy a project with an EPiServer Mail installation from a test server to a production server, rather than creating a fresh installation on the production server.

The EPiServerMail.config file is a file containing unique data relating to the server the project, and EPiServerMail installation, is hosted on.  This means that a project cannot simply be moved / copied from a test server to a production server without issue. Note: Trying to reinstall EPiServerMail on any projects which already have EPiServerMail installed can also cause issues.

Happily, however, when copying a project it is only certain values within the EPiServerMail.config file which will need to be updated. It will be necessary to:

  1. Empty the brokerName attribute in the broker element.
  2. Remove the rsaKeyValue element under broker.
  3. Update the attributes in the editor and smtpServer elements as necessary.

Another option, of course, would be to create a temporary project and install a new copy of EpiServerMail - putting in the details to match the production server as necessary.  This would create a new EPiServerMail.config file which could be used to replace the  file on the production server.

In both cases, it should be noted that certain corresponding values will also have to be deleted from the tblEPiServerCommonSetting table, in the database.  For example, the EPiServermail_Default_activationStatus row would need to be deleted, however, rows which contain EPiServerCommon_version or EPiServerMail_version should be left.

Once the changes have been made you will need to activate EPiServerMail again - using the 'create an account' option which should have become available again due to the above steps.

Disclaimer: Reasonable effort has been made by the author to ensure that the information provided here is accurate, however, no guarantees for the accuracy of information are made. You hold full responsibility for your actions - please remember to make a backup before making any changes.

Nov 24, 2009

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