Daniel Ovaska
Aug 16, 2023
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Keeping your website up and running in a hostile environment

Unfortunately the world as a whole is a less safe place now than it was a few years ago and internet also follows this trend. Getting your site hacked or attacked by a denial of service attack (DDoS) is getting more frequent. It's worth considering the current threat level and who you are protecting against:

  1. Bored hobby hackers
  2. Organized crime and hacker groups
  3. State actors

Unfortunately many sites will now be a target to threat level 3 in this list - state actors. This is worth thinking about when choosing how much effort to spend in this area.

I've compiled two relevant checklists to keep your favorite site sailing smooth in this rough weather:

  1. Security checklist - How to avoid getting hacked 
    This will guide you through how to get as much security as possible for whatever budget you have. Give a decent developer a day or two to close as many of these as possible and your site will be less likely to be hacked
  2. Performance checklist - How to keep that site up n running against a DDoS attack
    Optimizely DXP combined with good programming practices will make your site much less vulnerable. Also improves conversion rate of your end users so twice the benefit of doing these.

Happy coding everyone!

Aug 16, 2023


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