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Slides and Source Code from EPiServer Partner Summit

At the EPiServer Partner Summit in Malmø I held a presentation about Search Providers and Settings for Properties, which is new functionality in EPiServer CMS 6.

I ran two code demos:

  1. Creating a custom search provider from scratch
  2. Adding settings to a custom property

I have added slides explaining the different interfaces and base classes I used, and also references to where you can find more information about the topics. You can download the presentation and the source code below.

Presentation and source code

About the Search Provider Library project

By habit I use post build event script together with Unleash It to copy library output into the web project. If you don’t want to install Unleash It you can change the library project’s output path or simply copy the dll manually.

In order for the IconCssClass property on the SearchResult object to work, I simply added the following css to the end of the system.css (located in App_Themes\Default\Styles):

    background: url(../Images/Tools/MySettings.gif);
    background-repeat: no-repeat;
    padding:1px 0 2px 18px;

I hope you enjoyed the Partner Summit as much as I did! smile_regular

Jun 07, 2010

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