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Logica Campaign Designer 1.1 Released!

A new version of the custom property Logica Campaign Designer has now been released and contains the following changes:


  • Added a fieldset to every dialog window to make them look a little cleaner.
  • Renamed the item "Page button" to "Link".
  • Added some new settings for the Link item, as Target frame, Style, Link target .
  • Added a new setting in the custom settings page called "Link Css url", were you now can add a path to a css for the Link item, so that the editor can choose different styles for the Link item in a dropdown list instead of just having one style for the Link as before.
  • Added a new setting in the custom settings page for the property called "Let the editor set size", which does so that the campaign area wont be updated by the Width and height settings in the custom settings page, but by the editor instead at the "Edit area styles" button in edit mode.
  • Added a usercontrol that can be found in the folder RenderPropertyOnPage called "LogicaCampaignDesignerPropertyRender" that simplifies adding the property to a page a little.

The property can be downloaded from the EPiServer nuget feed or from it’s codeplex site.

Feedback is always welcome!


Jan 02, 2012

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