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Per Bjurström
Oct 30, 2017
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CMS 11 pre-release packages

Pre-release packages of CMS 11 are being published to the Episerver NuGet feed today. A pre-release version indicates that the version is unstable, it has currently been tested by both QA and internal teams at Episerver for a few weeks but there are still a few issues that we are investigating. You can read about the changes in these posts about breaking changes in Core and breaking changes in UI.

More documentation will be published when we release the actual packages. If you find issues or have questions let us know.

Upgrading an Alloy MVC

  1. Make sure you have latest version of Visual Studio (Tools->Extensions and updates->Updates->Product Updates)
  2. Right click on the Episerver project and select Properties, make sure project targets .NET Framework 4.6.1 or higher. Recompile and test.
  3. Open "Manage NuGet packages", select Updates,  select the Episerver feed, select "Include pre-release"
  4. Select all packages and click on Update
  5. If site is using XForms install that package (EPiServer.XForms)
  6. If site is using Search install that package (EPiServer.Search.Cms)
  7. If site is using Dynamic Content install that package (EPiServer.DynamicContent)
  8. Build and start

NOTE: Packages for Find, Commerce and other add-ons are not yet available, so testing these pre-release packages will ony work on sites that only use CMS.

Quick summary of new packages in CMS 11:

EPiServer.CMS.AspNet + EPiServer.Framework.AspNet
Contains all APIs and configuration related to web development on the ASP.NET stack (both MVC and WebForms). Existing namespaces are preserved to keep the upgrade as smooth as possible.

Contains the integration with StructureMap 3, a new version supporting StructureMap 4 will be released soon.

Contains the rich-text editor based on TincyMCE.

EPiServer.Search.Cms (optional)
Contains the CMS integration for full-text search. Not required for Find or other search implementations.

EPiServer.XForms (optional)
Contains the XForms have now been moved from the platform to a separate NuGet package.

EPiServer.DynamicContent (optional)
Dynamic Content has now been moved from the platform to a separate NuGet package.

EPiServer.Packaging (optional)
The add-on store is no longer a required package.

Known issues

These issues will be fixed before release.

  • Sometimes content that should not be visible, such as container pages, randomly show up in menus and similar. 
  • EPiServer.Logging.Log4Net 2.2 package fails to update the binding redirect in web.config, you need to manually correct this.
Oct 30, 2017


Antti Alasvuo
Antti Alasvuo Nov 5, 2017 09:41 AM

Hi, excellent work Episerver :)

FYI, created this Forum post about the installation:

(might be already fixed for the next release but anyways)

Nov 10, 2017 09:31 AM

I have updated the post with known issues, thanks.

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