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p-tags showing up

Recently one of our customers had a problem with p-tags appearing on a page.

I've bumped into similar issues and discussed the problem with Steve Celius on #epicode, and concluded that if all buttons in the editor of a field are turned off,

<episerver:property />

will then render the tags with html entities meaning that instead of the tags being processed, they'll actually just be shown on the page as-is.

I logged into the site and all the buttons for the property were turned of so it should generate any tags and i tried and tested things and no tags were generated.

After some further discussion with other people in #epicode, among them erik- and asthiss, i realized that the problem was caused by the fact that some webeditors had enabled All functions available in the Editor under Permissions for Functions

What happened then was that the property would show as a html-property for the some editors - inserting html tags, but when other editors accessed the property, it would show as plain text with tags.

The solution to the problem was to use <%= CurrentPage["PropertyName] %> in the page to force the property to process and render the html.

Sep 05, 2008

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