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Tune In Tomorrow for a New #EPiDev Fanmail Episode!

The best part of hosting EPiDev shows is the questions we get from viewers - either live via Twitter during the event, using the #EPiDev hashtag, or in between shows via email. For this show, I reached out to several Ektron customers who are either getting started in EPiServer, or very interested. At the very least, each of the contributors has had EPiServer running locally to dabble a bit.

When you're just getting started, questions are sure to come up. Sometimes these questions are comparative between EPiServer and your legacy platform. At other times, it's just a matter of clearing the weeds a bit and not getting too lost or frustrated. Either way, we want to provide as many answers as we can.

So for this episode, we have nearly 20 questions from our audience and we will do our best to provide quick-fire answers. Some questions, I'm sure, will lead into full-fledged episodes of their own.

Joining me are EPiServer's Allan Thraen and the ever-amazing Kristoffer Sjöberg.

If you have questions or want us to cover a topic, please email me at:

Tune in tomorrow at 10 AM EDT (14:00 GMT) to watch this episode that's entirely focused on you, our viewers.

Jun 02, 2015

( 6/4/2015 2:25:26 PM)

Great episode! Looking forward to new xforms :)

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