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JS SDK public preview

Maybe you noticed we announced the public preview for CMS 12 a few months ago? CMS 12 natively supports .Net 5 and with it a more portable CMS which no longer requires Windows or IIS. If you like Node.js this is good news, since you can more easily work with your favorite IDE and OS and just run the CMS in the background e.g., in a terminal window in Visual Studio Code. Along with CMS 12 we are releasing a brand-new open-source JS SDK now available in preview on GitHub.

What’s in the box

The JS SDK has a few pieces to it:

  1. A Node.js CLI for managing your content definitions.
  2. A typescript client for fetching content from the CMS.
  3. A decoupled Vue.js sample site running on Node.js and CMS 12 (preview)

How to get started

The simplest way to get acquainted with the SDK is probably to clone the repository and setup the sample site. The sample site is based on CMS 12, and includes a preview of the new Content Definitions API which we are hoping to ship over the summer together with the final version of CMS 12. The current sample site uses OpenID Connect in the platform directly i.e., no need for an external identity provider to get things going.


The SDK modules and samples each have a README in the project roots, which is a good starting point, but the documentation here on world for Content Definitions API is not complete or published yet, but thanks to the external reviews feature you can sneak a peek at the preliminary documentation here:


Aug 18, 2021

Jonas Boman
( By Jonas Boman, 10/21/2021 7:49:54 AM)

Hi. The links to API Fundamentals does not work.

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