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Episerver Developer Meetup, the Inaugural HEL Yeah Edition

Get excited about the inaugural Episerver Developer Meetup, taking place on April 21. Make sure you go ahead and sign up soon as space is limited!

Episerver’s friend Amcham Finland is kind enough to offer their beautiful premises for our first-ever Developer Meetup in Finland. They are located at a very nice spot at South Beach (Eteläranta). There will be good food and beverages provided by Episerver to keep everybody energized.

The topics covered should be of great interest to any epi developer worth their weight:

Episerver Forms

In the Winter Release 2016, Episerver Forms were officially released! Finally, a replcament for XForms. We will talk through different form examples you can build, re-using them, and customized rendering for display channels, personalization, multi-language and permissions. As well as the new four elements added after Beta; Date time, Range, Rich text and URL.

Commerce Promotion Engine

We will take you through the new and improved promotions engine in Commerce.

ASP.NET Core 1

(AKA ASP.NET 5) There are big changes coming soon to the ASP.NET framework. We'll be taken through some of the changes and how Episerver are redesigning the product to take advantage.

See details and sign-up to the event here.

Mar 23, 2016

( 4/16/2016 8:51:52 PM)

The one and only James Stout a.k.a. @egandalf will honor us with his presence. You will not wanna miss this event!

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