Published on:Nov 17, 2021
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Restore Root CMS episerver Login Path In .NET 5


With the release of CMS 12 there was the removal of dashboards which has caused the base login path to not work when created in a new project via the steps documented here 

Now with the out of the box code you have to navigate to /episerver/cms to access the CMS Editing area.

Although you can change the path to the CMS editing experience with the documented approach it does not work to change this to just /episerver as there needs to be a subpath for the CMS experience.


Using the ASP.NET Rewriting Middleware we can add a redirect to reirect /episerver to /episerver/cms

First add the nuget package

dotnet add package Microsoft.AspNetCore.Rewrite --version 2.2.0

Then add in the redirect to the Startup.cs configure code

var options = new RewriteOptions().AddRedirect("episerver$", "episerver/cms");


This is something simple but I've seen people confused therefore I wanted to post about it and propose an easy solution to remedy the problem. Ideally when you go to the root /episerver as everyone is used to doing you want to go to the CMS which this will do.

Also as a note now that Episerver is no longer the company name it strikes me odd to preserve it so I would follow the approach in anyhow and consider changing the default URL path to remove the old brand. Such as /cms/cms with a redirect from /cms &  /episerver to /cms/cms or any name of your choice :-) 

Happy coding!! Add any thoughts, errors or suggestions in the comments below!!

Nov 17, 2021

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