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Troubleshooting Commerce updates

404 in Commerce edit UI after updating to Commerce 8.11.2 or later

Since commerce 8.11.2 it is now required to run the command Move-EPiServerProtectedModules provided by the EPiServer.Packaging nuget package in Package Manager Console (Tools --> Package Manager –> Package Manager Console) to be able to use this package. If you have already run that command you don't need to run it again.

Removing unused assemblies

After updating Commerce using NuGet updates, there may be a number of unused and possibly conflicting assemblies in the project's bin folder. In most cases you can simply delete the content of the bin folder and the required references will be copied from the NuGet packages when you rebuild the solution. Ensure to back up the bin folder before doing this - if you have third party references those should be stored in a folder outside the bin folder.

If you are not comfortable with deleting entire contents of the bin folder, refer to the below list for assemblies that will either be copied back from the NuGet packages, or are no longer used by EPiServer Commerce.

  • Common.Logging.*.dll
  • CuteEditor.dll
  • CuteEditor.ImageEditor.dll
  • DotNetOpenAuth.dll
  • EPiServer.*.dll
  • HttpWebAdapters.dll
  • ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll
  • Iesi.Collections.dll
  • LitS3.dll
  • Mediachase.*.dll
  • Microsoft.Practices.ServiceLocation.dll
  • Microsoft.ReportViewer.*.dll
  • Microsoft.Web.Services3.dll
  • Moxiecode.TinyMCE.dll
  • NetSpell.SpellChecker.dll
  • NHibernate.dll
  • RssToolkit.dll
  • Validators.dll

Note: This list includes assemblies from EPiServer CommonFramework and Common.Logging. If you are upgrading Commerce from 7.x to Commerce 8.0 or later, refer to Breaking changes Commerce 8 for important information about these dependencies.

Issues with NuGet

In some upgrading scenarios you might experience problems with the dependency chains, due to issues in NuGet. The workaround is usually to update the packages one-by-one. Refer to Issues with NuGet package updates for more information.