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  Cannot view filtered view

_Create Site1, Site2
_Install GA on both
_Add a Tracking ID for both
_Create a view with hostname filter for Site2

Steps to reproduce
1. Open Site1> Add hostname: Site1, Site2.
2. Add a GA gadget.
3. Select the filtered view of Site2.

Expected: Display data
Actual: No data

Nov 01, 2017
  Google Analytics context gadget doesn't support multi-hostname websites or dedicated edit server

Precondition: you have one of the following setups:
a) Multi-hostname website: you have different domains per language, for example, .dk, .se, .de.
b) Dedicated edit server with its own hostname (for example, and front-end servers (for example,

Steps to reproduce
1) Install the Google Analytics add-on
2) Sign-in.
3) Add a context gadget in edit mode.
4) Try to open some pages with available analytics data.

Expected: Analytics data for the current page
Actual: Empty results.

There are two problems in "EPiServer.GoogleAnalytics.Controllers.Controllers.ControllerBase" class "ApplySegment" method:

1) GetPageUrl() returns absolute url for any preconditions and gadget controller filters out all received analytics data by "ga:pagePath==


" filter, because "ga:pagePath" dimension always contains only path without hostname.

Fix: Extract the path from absolute urls for "ga:pagePath" filter.

2) "ga:hostname" always contains the default site host. For any preconditions, it filters out all page analytics, because the page url hostname is different. For example, for edit server setup, you get the site host "", while the page host is "". Or, in a multi-host scenario, site host is "", but DK page url host is "".

Fix: Extract the hostname from the page url and use it for filtering.

Nov 01, 2017
  If filter applied, no data on Next page/Previous page

Steps to reproduce

1. Install GA.
2. Add a Tracking ID.
3. Apply a filter to View 2.
4. Open the GA gadget in Edit View.
5. Select View2 from the profile.

Expected: Data appears if you click Next page/Prevous page.
Actual: No data on Next page/Previous page.

Nov 01, 2017