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Release notes for Optimizely CMS and Customized Commerce updates

This topic lists Optimizely updates, delivered as NuGet packages and services. You decide which updates apply to your project.

Select a product, package, or service in the left menu, and then select one of the following filters from Item type and click Filter.

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  • Critical bug – Display only critical bug fixes.
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Note: NuGet packages listed here may not be immediately available in the Optimizely NuGet feed.

Latest changes

Item type
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Area ID Type Description Released
  ContentEventIndexer should load content with short cache expiration time

Fixed an issue where ContentEventIndexer loaded content with a default content cache expiration time of twelve hours. This caused content to remain in memory for longer than necessary.

EPiServer.Find 16.2.0; (Or a related package);
Apr 02, 2024
  Deleting a page does not remove content in the "For this page" Folder, causing orphaned content

Fixed an issue that left content in the page's For this page folder when the associated page was deleted, which led to clutter and potential data inconsistencies; the orphaned content was still searchable.

EPiServer.Find 13.5.9; (Or a related package);
Feb 27, 2024
  Dont set default request headers on httpclient at request time

Fixed an issue where DefaultRequestHeaders were set when the request was made. This could lead to race condition during startup

EPiServer.Find 16.1.0; (Or a related package);
Feb 27, 2024
  [Explorer View] Filter does not work

Fixed an issue where the explorer view filter did not work.

EPiServer.Find 16.1.0; (Or a related package);
Feb 27, 2024
  Couldn't use Windows Authentication for Bestbets, Editorial, ServiceHealth

Fixed the following authorization issue: The UI (dojo script) sent a header "Authorization" (Bearer token) to Bestbets, Editorial, and ServiceHealth controllers but those controllers only accepted Windows Authentication (which would send a WWW-Authenticate header).

EPiServer.Find 16.0.2; (Or a related package);
Jan 30, 2024
  Possible deadlock when executing request

Fixed an issue that may cause deadlock when the Optimizely Search & Navigation client API sent an HTTP request using the HttpClient library because the calling method waited for a response and the result was resumed on the context thread. 

EPiServer.Find 16.0.2; (Or a related package);
Jan 30, 2024
  NullReferenceException in QuotaTrigger

Fixed an issue where settings were initiated in the client with incorrect values.


EPiServer.Find 16.0.1; (Or a related package);
Dec 12, 2023
  Visitor Group membership issue after upgrading to CMS 12

Fixed errors that occurred when you tried to add and save visitor group membership criterion after you upgraded to Optimizely Content Management System (CMS 12), (suspected to be related to an upgrade of the EPiServer.Find.Cms package from version 14.2.4 to 15.2.0). Additionally, unified search functionality was compromised so that only pages without visitor group configurations appeared in search results (unless the user was an administrator).

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Upgrade CMS to version 12 and EPiServer.Find.Cms package to version 15.2.0.
  2. Create a visitor group that has another visitor group as a member.
  3. Attempt to add a new membership criterion to this nested visitor group and save.
  4. Perform a unified search for pages. Only pages without visitor group configurations appear, (unless logged in as an administrator).
EPiServer.Find 16.0.0; (Or a related package);
Nov 08, 2023
  Not able to list synonyms since to 15.2

Fixed an issue where synonyms displayed a "not available" after a recent upgrade.

EPiServer.Find 16.0.0; (Or a related package);
Nov 08, 2023
  Background tasks should run in own context

Fixed an issue in the indexing job that sometimes failed with an error such as

An exception occurred while fetching content.
Cannot create a command without an existing connection
or Invalid operation. The connection is closed. 

EPiServer.Find 15.2.0; (Or a related package);
Aug 29, 2023
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