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  XForms logs should not contain personally identifiable information (PII)

GDPR: Make sure we do not write any identifiable information in our logs.

E.g. Email, IP, Username, Name

EPiServer.XForms 1.0.3;
Apr 19, 2018
  XForms doesn't update protected module path

Steps to reproduce:

1. Change all relative paths from "/EPiServer/" to "/manage/UI/".
2. Install EPiServer.XForms package (version 1.0.1).
3. Add a model and view for a block (called FormBlock) which contains an XForm property.
4. Create a new block with type of FormBlock.
5. Open the Select Form dialog.

Expected: The dialog opens as usual.

Actual: The dialog opens with an error, stating that it cannot find XFormSelect.aspx.

EPiServer.XForms 1.0.2;
Jan 24, 2018