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  FindCommerce should allow temporarily disabled event indexing

Fixed issue with ability to set FindCommerce event indexing to allow for temporarily disabling of event indexing. 

CatalogContentClientConventions.AllowIndexingCatalogContent should be possible to set dynamically. Furthermore, IsListeningToPriceEvents, IsListeningToInventoryEvents and IsListeningToLowLevelApiEvents should be introduced, and also possible to set dynamically to allow fine grain control of the indexing.


EPiServer.Find.Commerce 11.2.0;
Nov 19, 2020
  CatalogEventIndexer.IndexContentInAllLanguages is slow

Fix to improve performance of catalog intensive operations such as import, when loading language versions.


EPiServer.Find.Commerce 11.2.0;
Nov 19, 2020
  FindSearchProvider doesn't get ServiceUrl and defaultIndex from app settings after a new deployment

Steps to reproduce

1) Deploy a Commerce site using FindSearchProvider to Azure.
2) Make sure everything works as expected, i.e: you can search the catalog in Catalog Entry Search of Commerce Manager, the FindSearchProvider gets values from app settings of web app.
3) Update serviceUrl and defaultIndex in Mediachase.Search.config to invalid values, i.e:
serviceUrl="" defaultIndex="dinhnguyen_20190830".
4) Re-deploy the Commerce site.
5) Make sure app settings still have serviceUrl and defaultIndex values. And these values are valid.
6) Navigate to Commerce Manager -> Catalog Management -> Catalog Entry Search.

No errors, be able to search catalog.

"401 Unauthorized" error displays. Because the FindSearchProvider doesn't get values from app settings, it still gets value from Mediachase.Search.config file. If you restart the web app, then rebuild the Index in the Administration UI, it works as expected.

EPiServer.Find.Commerce 11.1.2;
Feb 11, 2020
  Index of content should be deleted when move it to another Catalog

Precondition: Install FindCommerce to QuickSilver.

  1. Create a Catalog name Catalog1 with avaiable Language: English
  2. In Catalog1, create a Category name CategoryA. Publish it
  3. Create a category name Sub1 that is child of CategoryA. Publish it
  4. Create a Catalog name Catalog2 with available Language: Svenska
  5. In Catalog2, create a category name CategoryB. Publish it
  6. Move Sub1 from CategoryA to CategoryB
  7. Go to Find/#configure/boosting. Then search by: Sub1

Expected: Sub1 of CategoryA isn't returned. Because it was moved to CatetoryB at step6
Observed: Sub1 of CategoryA is returned. If open it, error will occurs
Note: This issue also happens in FindCommerce 11.0.1

EPiServer.Find.Commerce 11.1.0;
Apr 16, 2019
  Wrong ChildNodeRelations when node and its subnode are published in English and Svenska


  • Install FindCommerce on QuickSilver
  • Catalog Fashion is avaiable at language: English and svenska

1. Go to CatalogUI, In catalog Fashion: create Category NodeA. Publish it at English and Svenska
2. Create a sub node of NodeA named SubNodeA. Publish SubNodeA at English and Svenska
3. Go to Go to Find > Overview > Explore, search for "NodeA"
4. Expand the detail NodeA at Svenska. Search for "ChildNodeRelations"
Expected: SubNodeA should be shown in "ChildNodeRelations"
Observed: SubNodeA isn't shown in "ChildNodeRelations" (bug)

Note: This issue also happens at FindCommerce11.0.1

EPiServer.Find.Commerce 11.1.0;
Apr 16, 2019
  Make Find Commerce Commerce 13-compatible

Update the Find Commerce integration to use the Commerce 13 packages.

EPiServer.Find.Commerce 11.1.0;
Apr 17, 2019
  ChildNodeRelations of Catalog is empty even having a (or some) publish category in the catalog


  • Install FindCommerce to QuickSilver
  • Run indexing job

1. Go to CatalogUI
2. Create a catalog named TestCatalog with default language: English. Then publish it
3. In TestCatalog, create a Category then publish it
4. Go to Find/overview/explore, search for TestCatalog
5. Expand to see detail TestCatalog at English
6. Search for: ChildNodeRelations
Expected: the catalog at step3 is shown in the ChildNodeRelations
Observed: the catalog at step3 isn't shown in the ChildNodeRelations

Note: This issue also happens at FindCommerce 11.0.1

EPiServer.Find.Commerce 11.1.0;
Apr 16, 2019
  [ChildNodeRelations] ChildNodeRelations of category is empty while it has more than one sub category

Precondition: Install FindCommerce to a QuickSilver site

Steps to reproduce

1. Go to CatalogUI. Make sure that catalog Fashion has more than one available language. Example: English and Svenska are available.
2. Clear the index then run the indexing job.
3. Select Fashion and create a category name CategoryA. Then publish it
4. Select CategoryA then create a category name SubNodeA. Then publish it
5. Go to Find >Overview >Explore. Search by keyword CategoryA.
6. Find tag ChildNodeRelations in details of CategoryA.
Observed: ChildNodeRelations contains SubNodeA (good)
7. Go to CatalogUI. Then select CategoryA and create a category named SubNodeB. Publish it.
8. Go to Find >Overview >Explore. Search by keyword CategoryA.
9. Find tag ChildNodeRelations in details of CategoryA

ChildNodeRelations contains SubNodeA and SubNodeB

ChildNodeRelations is []

EPiServer.Find.Commerce 11.0.2;
Dec 17, 2018
  Find.Commerce: Startup errors of type ReflectionTypeLoadException should log nested LoaderExceptions

Resolving startup errors of type ReflectionTypeLoadException should be easier to diagnose if the nested LoaderExceptions were exposed. This is even suggested by the default exception message:

"Unable to load one or more of the requested types. Retrieve the LoaderExceptions property for more information"

EPiServer.Find.Commerce 11.0.2;
Dec 17, 2018
  FindSearchProvider does not support DXC

FindSearchProvider needs ServiceUrl and defaultIndex to be configured. However that is set by managed services for DXC sites, and they don't want to send out that information to customers. FindSearchProvider should fall back to appSettings if those values are not configured.

EPiServer.Find.Commerce 11.0.1;
Dec 04, 2018
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