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Release notes for Optimizely updates

This overview lists changes included in Optimizely updates delivered as NuGet packages and services. Use the information to decide which updates to apply to your project, see Installing Optimizely updates. Select a product, package, or service in the left menu, and filter for dates, features, or bug fixes.

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  "Nerver send e-mails" still sends email

Changing the settings to "Never send e-mails" + None but emails are still sent

Step to reproduce:

  1. Select Notification Settings > Email Notifications>Never Send Emails.
  2. Notification Settings > For This Item> None.

Expected: Receive only online notifications.
Actual: Receive email.

Jan 17, 2017
  There are 2 'Comment on [Content]' suggestion texts

1. Install Content Collaboration on CMS 9.7.2.
2. In Edit Mode, add the Content Collaboration gadget.

Expected: There is 1 'Comment on Start' suggestion text.
Actual: There are 2 'Comment on Start' suggestion texts..

Jan 17, 2017
  Logging in with capital letters vs non capital letters and you can't edit or delete comments

Steps to reproduce:
1. Login to the CMS as "editor" and add a comment.
2. Logout.
3. Login as "EDITOR" and try to edit or delete your previous comment.

Can delete or edit.

The delete and edit options are disabled (greyed out).

Jan 17, 2017