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Release notes for Optimizely CMS and Customized Commerce updates

This topic lists Optimizely updates, delivered as NuGet packages and services. You decide which updates apply to your project.

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Note: NuGet packages listed here may not be immediately available in the Optimizely NuGet feed.

Latest changes

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Area ID Type Description Released
  Can't load an organization when add a contact that contain Currency/Integer (formatType: Duration) fields to it.

Fixed an organization loading issue that occured when a contact that contained a custom Field Type of Currency or Integer and a Format Type of Duration was added to the organization.

EPiServer.Commerce 14.15.5;
Soon to be released
  Exception is thrown when addding a contact that contains custom field with type is Dictionay (MultiValue)) to an organization

Fixed an exception that occured when users tried to add a contact that contained a custom Field Type of Dictionary items and Format Type of MultiValue to an organization.

EPiServer.Commerce 14.15.5;
Soon to be released
  Contact detail screen can't handled boolean metafield

Fixed an issue where adding a Boolean field to the contact meta class resulted in an error when trying to add contacts to an organization.

EPiServer.Commerce 14.15.4;
Nov 21, 2023
  Highly inefficient order filter query

Fixed a performance problem for ecf_PurchaseOrder_Filter.

EPiServer.Commerce 14.15.3;
Nov 01, 2023
  ExtendedPropertiesExtensions.SetMetaFieldData does not handle EnumSingleValue correctly

Fixed an issue where ExtendedPropertiesExtensions.SetMetaFieldData did not handle EnumSingleValue correctly.

EPiServer.Commerce 14.15.3;
Nov 01, 2023
  Update SP ecfVersionProperty_SyncBatchPublishedVersion

Updated ecfVersionProperty_SyncBatchPublishedVersion.

EPiServer.Commerce 14.15.3;
Nov 01, 2023
  Unnecessary call to ecf_CatalogNode_GetAllChildEntries with catalog node update

Fixed an issue where ecf_CatalogNode_GetAllChildEntries was called unnecessarily when DisableCatalogEventDrivenIndexing was set to true.

EPiServer.Commerce 14.15.3;
Nov 01, 2023
  Create ODP Integration scheduled job for Commerce 13

Updated the integration with Optimizely Data Platform (ODP) to use a push operation by Commerce instead of a pull operation by ODP.

EPiServer.Commerce 13.35.0;
Oct 12, 2023
  Display the Create Account button for customer

Display Create Account button in case the Customer contact isn't integrated with any account ( Account not found).

EPiServer.Commerce 14.15.2;
Oct 11, 2023
  Logging errors in tracking data

Updated StatusCode 200 to process the available response object, rather than logging as an error if there is no response message.

EPiServer.Commerce 14.15.1;
Sep 29, 2023
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