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Added 2007-09-21
Note: You should not install hotfix 5 for 4.61 if you use oracle as your database . An issue has been noticed and information/updates will be posted shortly.

If you already have installed Hotfix 5 for Oracle you can rollback to Hotfix 3 by replacing the assemblies in the bin folder and make the correct assembly redirects in web.config according to the readme.txt document. No need to run any sql script since the dabase version is the same.

Added 2007-05-08

Hotfix 5 is an upgraded version of hotfix 4. The upgrade was implemented due to a bug found in the previous fix. If you've installed hotfix 4 we recommend that you upgrade to hotfix 5.

Note: Before installing any hotfix, please remember that these packages are not subject to testing in the same extent as publicly released code.

Make sure to backup old files and database before applying any hotfix.

Note: This hotfix contains all fixes from previous hotfixes for EPiServer 4.61.

›› New issues resolved in this hotfix marked in red.

Problems fixed in this Hotfix

A couple of issues were encountered in HotFix 1 and 2 so the following issue has been rolled back:

  • Issue #45554 Filenames are not encoded in the file manager

The following issue has been modified:

  • Issue #45818 Searching on properties is slow due to poorly optimized sprocs

The following issues have been fixed:

  • --------------------------------- Hotfix 5 ------------------------------------------------------------
  • Issue #45966 Language code appears twice during postback when using FURL
  • Issue #45729 pages doesn´t inherit categorys from the parent
  • Issue #46213 EPiServer.ConfigFileSettings.ConfigDOM can enter an invalid state
  • Issue #45782 Publishing certain text can cause an ORA-01460 error
  • Issue #46362 Saving dynamic property of type integer throws an exception
  • Issue #45340 The Datafactory Cache logic may cause several database request for the same page/page list
  • Issue #45943 Race conditions in DataFactoryCache
  • Issue #46819 Categories are not saved when creating a new page if they have not been modified
  • Issue #46820 The values for the id attribute contains invalid markup for xform input controls
  • --------------------------------- Hotfix 3 and earlier ------------------------------------------------
  • Issue #45503 Simple Address always adds a epslanguage parameter when rewriting url
  • Issue #45530 GetPostedData method on XFormData ignores "start date" and "end date" for public overloads of the method
  • Issue #45545 Login cookies does not work with sliding expiration
  • Issue #45579 Copy pages corrupts tblTree
  • Issue #45401 Attaching to the MovingPage event and setting CancelAction to true gives strange GUI behaviour
  • Issue #45635 Users and groups are not sorted by name by default when listing from database
  • Issue #45591 Faulty path to CSS and JS files in Admin/Workflow.aspx
  • Issue #45671 Calls WindowsPrincipal.IsInRole() makes 4.61 sites slow
  • Issue #45562 FieldOrder set to 0 when adding a new property
  • Issue #45436 Fetch data does not work with mirroring
  • Issue #45468 FileManager in ActionWindow is very slow when tblUnifiedPath contains many rows
  • Issue #45804 Add ability to handle negative SIDs
  • Issue #45815 Error message " PropertyData object with name "<some name>" already exists" in Edit mode
  • Issue #45816 Export should export the name of the SID for compatibility with EPServer 5.x
  • Issue #45817 Publishing a page in a large site is slow due to tblWorkProperty lacking proper index
  • Issue #45572 Mirrored EPiFields not working (Requires the EPiServer Fields 4.61 HotFix 1 to work)
  • Issue #45575 Custom query strings are lost when making a post back for a page with a friendly url
  • Issue #45858 Added InternalPageDataHelper class
  • Issue #45565 Possible race condition in license handling for multiple sites with the same database

MS-SQL only:

  • Issue #45528 SQL timeout problems after upgrading to 4.61
  • Issue #45821 Deadlocks can occur during simultaneous page publishing
  • Issue #45818 Searching on properties is slow due to poorly optimized sprocs

Installation instructions

To install this hotfix you must complete the following steps:

  1. Install the following contained DLL(s) to the Global Assembly Cache (GAC).
    (For example by drag and dropping the files to the folder c:\windows\assembly.)

    - EPiServer.dll
    - EPiServer.Enterprise.dll
    - EPiServer.XForms.dll
  2. Move the EPiServer.CodeBehind.dll to ~\bin\ under your site(optional: move the dll's in step 1 as well).
  3. Change version of the redirects for the following DLL's in web.config on your site (<bindingRedirect newVersion="X"/>)

  4. Run the contained SQL-script EPiServer_4_61_db_hotfix5.sql on your db.
    (EPiServer_4_61_db_hotfix5_oracle.sql if you are using Oracle)
  5.  Copy the following files to your website:
    /admin/Workflow.aspx           to ~/<Your admin directory>/Workflow.aspx
    /admin/WorkflowItem.aspx       to ~/<Your admin directory>/WorkflowItem.aspx
  6. If HotFix 1 was installed, perform the following steps, since the fix for Issue #45554 has been rolled back:

    - Replace the file  ~/Util/FileManager/Browse.ascx with the 4.61 release file.
  7. Restart the web server with the command iisreset.exe.