Episerver features - September 2019

This release summary includes features added in updates 266 through 278 of the Episerver platform. Updates are cumulative, so the latest update always includes previous ones.

Episerver CMS


Content_32.svg Episerver CMS UI

End users

Rebranded user interface

The user interface was rebranded. See Ryan Bare's CMS UI refresh blog post for some technical limitations.


Episerver Labs - block enhancements

Note: This is a pre-release add-on that we publish for the developer community to be informed about and comment on. This release is not official nor is it supported by Episerver. See blog post Episerver Labs - Block Enhancements.

While we hope you will use it, please expect:

  • Functionality may change significantly.
  • It may be discontinued.
  • There is no support, but we will gratefully accept feedback.

Episerver Commerce


The following APIs were made obsolete to improve maintainability.

  • Mediachase.Commerce.Catalog.Data.CatalogDataHelper
  • Mediachase.Commerce.Catalog.Data.CatalogLogAdmin
  • Mediachase.Commerce.Catalog.Data.ContentGuidAdmin
  • Mediachase.Commerce.Catalog.Managers.CatalogLogManager
  • Mediachase.Commerce.CommerceContext.CommerceContextImpl
  • Mediachase.Commerce.Core.Common.eCUD_ChangeState
  • Mediachase.Commerce.Core.Common.IValidationResult
  • Mediachase.Commerce.Engine.Template.Providers.XslTemplateProvider
  • Mediachase.Commerce.Engine.Template.TemplateProviderCollection
  • Mediachase.Commerce.Engine.Template.TemplateProviderSection
  • Mediachase.Commerce.Engine.Template.TemplateService
  • Mediachase.Commerce.Reporting.ReportingPermissions
  • Mediachase.Commerce.Security.Configuration.RoleDefinitionElement
  • Mediachase.Commerce.Security.Configuration.RoleElementCollection
  • Mediachase.Commerce.Security.CurrentUserService
  • Mediachase.Commerce.Shared.Check
  • Mediachase.Commerce.Shared.XmlSerializerSectionHandler
  • Mediachase.Commerce.Storage.DataOperation
  • Mediachase.Commerce.DefaultRequiredMetaFields
  • Mediachase.Commerce.ICommerceContext

End users

CSR UI: Take payments (Beta)

  • You can list carts and orders, and convert a cart to a purchase order. You can also take an order payment (including manual payments.) This does not include payment methods that redirect to a third-party page. Once payment is completed, the CSR UI shows a change in shipment status.

Avalara integration certification

  • Avalara integration with Commerce was certified.

Cloud_32.svg Episerver DXC Service


_ProductFind.pngEpiserver Find


Episerver Campaign



  • Managing recipients. Add letter recipients to a recipient list, modify recipient information, update recipient IDs and delete recipients from a recipient list.
  • Managing recipients. Add multiple recipients to a recipient list and modify them via a PUT method.
  • Managing recipients. Check whether a recipient can receive mailings, or whether multiple lists contain the same recipient.
  • Managing custom blacklists. Use custom blacklists in Smart Campaigns, create and update them, and add and modify custom blacklist entries.
  • Deleting custom blacklist entries. If you use custom blacklists, delete all custom blacklist entries or a single entry via REST API.
  • Managing coupon blocks. Get information on one or all coupon blocks, and information on the mailing IDs a coupon block is attached to. You can also create or delete a coupon block.
  • Managing coupon blocks. You can use REST API for creating new coupon codes or invalidating existing coupon codes.

End users

  • Episerver Insight and Episerver Reach. Menu entries added to Episerver Campaign front-end.
  • Smart Campaigns: Selection of multiple segments in the Insight Segment node. You can select multiple segments in the Insight Segment node for using them as target groups.
  • Time and frequency filter options for all action-based filters. You can now use the same time and frequency filter options for all action-based filters when you define a target group, such as for soft and hard bounces and clicked click profiles.
  • Export of unsubscribes includes reason field in exported csv file. You can include the unsubscribe reason when you export unsubscribes to a csv file, .
  • Deep Analytics: Increased parallel report execution. The number of parallel executed reports was increased to increase the report execution in Deep Analytics.
  • AES encryption of user data. You can encrypt user data via a field function that returns an AES encrypted string (Base64 encoded).
  • MD5 hash algorithm for third-party ID. You can choose between the SHA2_256 hash algorithm and the newly-implemented MD5 hash algorithm to generate a pseudonymized third-party ID.
  • Spryker integration. If you are using Spryker as an e-commerce platform, you can integrate Episerver Campaign to connect e-commerce and mailing activities. See Spryker integration.
  • Performance Dashboard (Beta). The Performance Dashboard is now in the open beta phase and available to all customers.
  • Third-party ID in recipient history. If enabled, you can see the third-party ID (pseudonymized recipient ID) in the recipient history. You can use the third-party ID when dealing with third-party providers.
  • New Performance Dashboard widget: Bubble chart. You can use the new bubble chart widget in the Performance Dashboard  to display KPIs as colored bubbles. See Bubble chart settings in the Episerver User Guide.

Personalization_32.svgEpiserver Profile Store


  • Delete profile and related events.
  • Visitor group filter in Insight. See blog post by Chris Sharp.
  • .Net class for tracking visitor groups. You can call a method in a class to track visitor groups for a user.
  • Get all track events created after a date and time. You can get all tracking events created between two dates. The tracking events include all fields on the events.
  • Get all profiles updated after a date. You can get all profiles updated between two dates in specific scope. The returned profiles include all fields on the profile.
  • Delete specific tracking event. You can delete a specific tracking event using the Profile API.
  • Specify fields to return for tracking events. When getting tracking events created after a date, you can specify which fields to return for tracking events.
  • Specify fields to return for my profiles. When getting profiles updated after a date, you can specify which fields to return for profiles.

APIs_32.svg Episerver Content Delivery API


  • Unpublished and expired content returned from Content Delivery API is excluded.

Addons_32.svg Episerver Forms

End users

  • The form elements Rich Text and Submit button can now be dependent on other fields in the same manner as Image choice, Number, Range, and so on. See The Dependencies tab documentation in the Episerver User Guide.

Episerver add-ons

End users

Episerver Marketing Automation connector for Marketo

  • Added an option to specify workspaces from where to fetch lists.

Episerver Marketing Automation connector for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • Added support for non-North American regions. Previously, the connector supported North American regions only. Added support to other regions such as APAC, Oceania, EMEA, North America 2, South America, Japan, India, and Canada.

Episerver Marketing Automation connector for Google Analytics

  • Episerver Commerce 13 supports Google Analytics.

Last updated: Sep 03, 2019