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FOREIGN KEY constraint SQL Error while creating a new page programmatically


I get this DB Error on saving a new page programmatically:

"The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint \"FK_tblWorkContentProperty_tblContent\". The conflict occurred in database \"MyDbName\", table \"dbo.tblContent\", column 'pkID'."

The code which always worked is:

public static ContentReference SaveContentToPublishWithNoAccess(this IContentRepository contentRepository, IContent content)
    return contentRepository.Save(content, SaveAction.Publish, AccessLevel.NoAccess);

What can be the reason? This happens only for one page that i am creating but i cannot see a difference to the others.
I have restarted IIS and cleared the trash. Since it's on local i can also debug.

Edited, Oct 29, 2019 18:25

Hi Tim,

Are you using shared database? I mean, same database is being used by other developers too?

The following link might be related

If not, please let me know

Oct 29, 2019 21:02
Tim Schmelter - Oct 30, 2019 9:58
Thank you. But unfortunately it didn't help because every developer has his own DB locally. This didn't help either:
-Restart IIS / Restart website / Recycle application pool
-Clear browser cache
-Restart browser
I have also tried to reset the identity seed for the tblContent.pkId column which also didn't change anything.

Do you say that this error occurs only for one page that you are creating? And not for other pages you are creating?

Same page type, or different page type?

Oct 30, 2019 13:42
Tim Schmelter - Oct 30, 2019 13:56
Same page type and currently only with one page. I couldn't test yet if it also occurs on other computers or if it is a local issue.
It's a "Job Page" and the error comes during importing the new jobs. The updates/deletes are no problem.
- Oct 30, 2019 14:05
Could you share the code where you create the new page, and populates its properties?
Tim Schmelter - Oct 30, 2019 14:19
I have updated my question with the relevant code. Edit: Removed the code again
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