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Slow emptying of recycle bin even with few pages



We have a couple of clients running 4.62 in different environments (some load balanced, some not)

I have read all posts about the recycle bin and have come to understand that it is common that it times out if there are alot of deleted pages.

My problem is that even if I use the query analyzer it takes about one second to delete one page.

So even if there is just some 200 pages it takes 4-5 minutes.

Is this common? I mean, shouldn't it be a little faster? The machines are quadcore with 2gb ram...

David Dahlenius




 Query used, taken from the FAQ:

declare @DeletePageID int

select top 1 @DeletePageID=pkID
from tblPage
where (fkparentID = 2) -- modify this where-statement...

if (@@ROWCOUNT = 0)

exec editDeletePage @DeletePageID, 1
print 'Page ' + convert(char,@DeletePageID) + ' deleted'



Sep 04, 2009 9:13

The stored procedure "editDeleteChilds" used by the empty wastebasket function is actually faster than that sample (since it does not delete one page at a time). The performance is related to the number of versions and pages you have in the databas.

(I've deleted 100,000 pages in a few seconds on EPiServer CMS 5 R2, I know that won't help you but we have done performance improvements in newer versions of EPiServer CMS).

Sep 04, 2009 9:45
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