Allowing Installation of Addons from UI


Hi there.

This question is similar to the one shown here:

I made the following edit to my web.config:


However, when loading the site, I get the following error:


This is the first time I am working with EPiServer or really any .NET web app to be honest. So forgive me if this is a very basic question.

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Nov 19, 2020 6:29

Here's the full documentation for that feature:

Your specific error looks like it's missing the section declaration near the top of web.config within <configSections>.

Also, you might be missing a couple of other steps, like this one:

If installationMode was set to UI, run the cmdlet "Convert-EPiAddons" in the Package Manager Console. 

Start by following the steps in documentation first. I haven't done UI-based add-on installation in a long time, so not sure if something else was missed.

Nov 19, 2020 6:54


Thanks for your reply. Setting the installationMode to UI is the first step according to that documentation, which is why I could not go further with this issue. Also, I have not had any new addons installed since this is a fresh project so I don't think the Convert-EPiAddons thing applies to my situation.

I believe you're right in that the <configSections> section is missing something for episerver.packaging. Unfortunately, this is not detailed in the documentation and so I am not exactly sure what to put in the type field for the section. Could you please help me here?

what do I put in the type field?

Nov 19, 2020 7:26

Hey so I managed to find a web.config from github that had what I needed (

<section name="episerver.packaging" type="EPiServer.Packaging.Configuration.EPiServerPackagingSection, EPiServer.Packaging" />

I have a new issue now though. The button still does not appear in the dashboard of options

addons button missing.

I've added the only user in the website to these groups:

admin groups

I had to manually create PackagingAdmins if that makes any difference.

Any ideas from here?

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