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Issues with PageBrowser

I have been EPiServer 4.31 and playing around with the office integration and EPiFields for a demo site. I then installed a clean version of EPiServer 4.31 for development, but I am unable to use the PageBrowser. The dialog window pops-up with the site structure, but it does not allow me to select a page (either for a site export of pages or for a page property). There are no errors produced, the dialog just doesn't respond to any button clicks except for cancel... Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Bevan
Nov 16, 2004 4:37
Actually I am getting the following javascript error when I try to click OK. Line: 48 Char: 4 Error: Invalid access to memory location Code: 0 URL: http://shadow/edit/PageBrowser.aspx?id=46&info=_ctl0:EditForm:ListingContainerPageReferenceInfoBox&value=_ctl0:EditForm:ListingContainer:ListingContainer
Nov 16, 2004 4:43
It looks like for some reason it is having problems saving the values in the SetValues(value, info) javascript method. The error is specific to my machine as I can browse to working EPiServer sites hosted elsewhere and get the same problem.
Nov 16, 2004 4:56
I've had the exact same error on my local machine. Don't have a solution though - but at least you're not alone :)
Nov 16, 2004 16:26
The problem can be reproduced with the following lines of javascript code in a simple HTML page: var w ='about:blank','TestWindow','width=650,height=440,scrollbars=yes'); if(w!=undefined) var wdoc = w.document;//THIS LINE CRASHES!!!! We have reported this issue to Microsoft but it's hopeless to troubleshoot because on most computers this problems just disappears after a day or two, some said reinstalling anti-virus software helped, some said that clearing temporary files in Internet Explorer helped and some just rebooted their machines. We have a sleeping support case at Microsoft if anyone comes up with some more information. Currently Microsoft have no idea what the cause is and they cannot find any other support cases with similar problems. As of EPiServer 4.40 we start using a modal dialog for the PageBrowser instead.
Nov 16, 2004 16:36
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