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strange behaviour - caching

Ive moved this to "problems and bugs" because it is a very serious issue we have. Problem: Administrator for a page updates his/her page and clicks Save + Publish. Users who browse to the page that was updated do not see the new content unless they hit F5 or refresh the screen. The same applies even if they look at the page the next day, next 2 days etc. They must press f5 or refresh even if they bring up the page from the same computer in a new window or from a shortcut in favourites. This didnt happen in episerver 3 - Could I have something wrong with the caching settings? It doesnt matter who looks at the page or what computer they use - they MUST refresh to see the latest changes. This is very worrying when our editors make important announcements that are not seen because users dont see the changes unless they specifically hit refresh. /John
May 23, 2005 10:46
this has no affect
May 25, 2005 15:21
this has no affect this has no affect 0 or any value makes no difference... changing browser cache settings from automatic to any other value has no affect. could it have anything to do with the EXPIRES meta tag? We need to solve this because we display time critical pages and updated information is not being displayed.
May 25, 2005 15:27
Internet Explorer ignores most meta tags in HTML, and the EPnPageCacheTimeout is only a internal caching setting. I would use a tool such as to determine which HTTP headers are returned from the server. The interesting headers are: Cache-control: private Expires:
May 25, 2005 16:45
thanks I will check it out
May 25, 2005 17:00
If you have control over the users IE-settings you could possibly set the Temporary Internet Files-setting for Checking of new verion of pages to "Every visit to the page" instead of the defult/common "Automatically".
May 26, 2005 9:59
thanks but I tested that and as I said earlier: changing browser cache settings from automatic to any other value has no affect. The customer has tested this and come up with the following for recreating the problem. 1. Change a page - any page. 2. save and publish 3. browse to the page (surfläget) 4. user sees the old version of the page 5. click update (f5/refresh) and the new version is shown 6. go back to edit mode 7. change the same page and click "mark page as changed" then click save and publish 8. browse back to the page and the latest change is not shown. 9. restart internet explorer and the change still doesnt show. 10. click on update/f5 refresh and the new page change is shown. at point 9 - a further test can be done with the following results. a. go to another machine where that user has previously browsed the page which has been changed - result - they dont see the new change unless they press f5. (it doesnt matter how long its been since the page was changed) b. go to another machine where that user has never browsed that page - the new page is shown. I have done a little experimentation and seem to have found something that seems to work. I am unsure because I have not tested it on several other machines yet. But if nobody else can replicate this error following these steps then I really have a problem with configuration.
May 26, 2005 12:01
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