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Forms Beta - Best way to submit feature reqeusts?


Hey, what is the best/appropiate way to submit feature requests for the new Episerver forms?

We have been playing with the new Episerver Forms addon a bit and we had a couple questions/suggestions.

1. It would be great if the parent element for the form element was updated on validation (either mark the parent div with a dirty or clean class).  This would allow us to apply CSS selectors to the form field (eg. the input field) on validation failure.  For example, turning the an input field red when the validation fails.

2. For input fields, add HTML5 Type selectors on the properties for the field.

Dec 30, 2015 14:38

Hi Jon, thank you for your feedback.

Your above requests are technical-issues and I can handle it. You can specify it here and/or send it to me via ngocthach.nguyen@episerver
We will do a triage and create appropriate bugs.

1. Will be done soon. We will mark a class for Form element.

2. I am not clear what you want. Form Core only has the most basic fundametal Element types. It seems to be you want tel, search, number ... types of Elements?

We will have Url, Range, DateTime out of the box in the next release of Forms Samples package. Element types with rich UI (require JS, HTML5 or interactive UI) will be done in Samples package. We will also write some articles to show how to implement fancy and attractive element by your own.

Edited, Jan 04, 2016 5:06

Thank you!

1. This would be perfect, if there were a new class signifying that the form_element was invalid, that would be great!

2. That is correct, we felt it would be beneficial if we could specify the type on the input text field (tel, date, etc...).  I will look forward to your samples package.


Jan 04, 2016 14:56

One new request:

1) Maybe I am missing it, but what is the appropiate way for assining custom CSS classes to the divs that cotain the form elements?

Jan 06, 2016 17:08
Edited, Jan 14, 2016 4:53
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