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TinyMCE Editor - Image properties



I think I've identified a slight bug with the image editor inside the RichText editor TinyMCE for EPiServer 7 (Patch 2).

This bug has also been verified on the site:, I don't know the version of the demo-site. But I doubt it is in Patch3.

However, the bug is a little complicated to recreate:

1. On a rich text field, click it using the OnPageEditing

2. The right hand side pops out as expected, with the rich text field.

3. Now, inside the rich text field. Add an image, just any.

4. Click "Insert" and then "Done" on the foldout. And ofcourse it triggers a Save automatically, so do a Publish.

5. No go back an edit the same picture by clicking on the rich text field again in the OnPageEditing.

6. Mark the picture in the TinyMCE-editor, and click the image-button.

7. Add for example text in the "Image Description". (ALT-text). Now follow the instructions carefully

8. Click "Update". Don't unselect or unfocus anything, Click directly on "Done".

9. Triggers Save, Do publish etc.

10. The ALT-text is not saved!


Why? Because if you don't "unfocus" the whole editor, the content doesn't seem to be saved properly. If you, in the step before clicking "Done" on the fold out. You first click anywhere else on the fold out. And then click "Done". The content is saved.

I can say I have seen the same issue for other type of properties, but it somewhat improved in Patch2. I am guessing triggers in the Dojo UI might have to be tweaked.

As earlier stated, I havn't verified in Patch3, but I can't see any obvious bugfix in the "fixed"-list and I can't see in the buglist if it has been reported earlier.

Jun 05, 2013 15:44

This is a known bug (#98410).

Jun 05, 2013 17:42

Chris: Paraphrasing the old "If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it..." - If a bug is reported to EPiServer but no buglist or hotfix list is available to the public - is it then a "known" bug ? :-)

#98410 is not listed as a fixed bug in either of the 3 patches released, so unless there's a "known" hotfix for it (contact EPiServer support to find out) I guess you're going to have to circumvent it or wait for the next patch..

Edited, Jun 06, 2013 11:49

Arlid: True. I guess I could've said it's known to EPiServer, since us non-EPiServer people don't have access to see a working known buglist.

Getting back to the issue at hand... this is a rather annoying bug. If you make any changes in the image dialog in TinyMCE (and likely other TinyMCE dialogs), it's never registers back to the actual property. Another example... try changing the image source in the dialog. The old image just remains.

The current workaround we've been using is to completely delete the image, then add it again. Deleting images still triggers the change notification. It's an annoying process, but it's at least a work-around.

Jun 06, 2013 16:22

Hello and thanks for the feedback.

I guessed as much that it was known already. But, as stated; since the buglist-chooser is not updated with the EPiServer 7 bugs it is hard to know whether it is know or not.

I agree that the bug is super-annoying, I am trying to find a workaround where the editor is using TAB to trigger a save or similiar. I have found that openingen the HTML-editor right after changing the properties seemed to save the changes in most cases.



Jun 07, 2013 11:40
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