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  • Syndicated blog - Posted on: Mar 06, 2023

    We have more than seven hundred packages (717) on Optimizely NuGet feed. Official Optimizely packages are part of this number, but the majority is community driven open-source packages enhancing and extending the platform, services and developer,...

  • Syndicated blog - Posted on: Mar 05, 2023

    In this series of articles, I will demonstrate how to deliver a site using Optimizely, Next.js and Vercel. In this first instalment I am focusing on creating a simple POC where I reproduce a simplified version of the AlloyTech website … Continue...

  • Posted on: Mar 05, 2023

    Introduction The following is based on a 30 minute presentation performed by myself at Optimizely North in Manchester on the 1st March 2023.  Some of this content is based on question and answer sections performed on the day as well as observing...

  • Syndicated blog - Posted on: Mar 04, 2023

    There is a less-known hidden gem in Optimizely CMS for brief request-scoped caching. Read about which it is and how simple it is to use.

  • Posted on: Mar 03, 2023

    Hello and welcome to another instalment of A Day In The Life Of An Optimizely Developer. Last night (1st March 2023) I was excited to have attended the March 2023 OptiNorth Meetup in Manchester and in this blog post I will give an overview of the...

  • Syndicated blog - Posted on: Mar 03, 2023

    Over the years, several articles have been written about the ColorPicker property editor. I also decided to look into this topic. I wanted to create something modern, simple and configurable. That’s why I used a simple HTML input color wrapped in ...

  • Posted on: Mar 03, 2023

    Setting up well-defined properties and product templates is the most important and also often the most time consuming part of a PIM implementation. Opti PIM has a feature that can greatly speed up this process by leveraging a set of product data a...

  • Posted on: Mar 03, 2023

    So logging into the DXP PAAS portal this morning, I was treated to a surprise. (Maybe someone has already seen this and blogged about it but I haven't seen that.) If you are like us you probably have some integrations where you have to whitelist...

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