Published on:Nov 01, 2017
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Connect Episerver Forms with Google Sheets through Zapier - no code required

As some of you might know, I tend to do a lot of crazy projects - and sometimes I'm so busy doing them that I forget to share them. Luckily there are great like-minded people like Luc Gosso and Khurram Khan that produce posts which makes me think "uh..didn't I also do something like that some time ago" - and that's the perfect opportunity to get nostalgic and publish some of my older works.

Like today, reading Luc's post I remember doing just that in a video I don't believe I published about 1 year ago. My approach didn't involve code - instead I was (and am) very happy using Zapier - a great integration platform, much like IFTTT and Microsoft Logic Apps. For years I've had a full Episerver / Zapier integration in the works, but this doesn't even require that. It's just plug and play with webhooks.

Also a shout out to Khurram, that also showcased Zapier back in 2016 here: and did a super (from what I hear) presentation of Episerver and Logic Apps with Wessel Terpstra in Stockholm this fall (

Anyway - here's the video I made (apologize for the sound quality - might be time for a new headset):


Nov 01, 2017

K Khan
( By K Khan, 11/2/2017 10:02:54 AM)

Thanks Allan,

For your enterprise level solutions, Zapier may not be the best choice due to many reasons, but Logic App partially answers if we could use integration patterns with Logic App. though by nature Logic App also offers a linear workflow, For simple workflows Zapier is also a great choice.

( 11/2/2017 12:50:19 PM)

I love how you've become the webhooks guy Khurram... I remember back when that all started laughing

K Khan
( By K Khan, 11/2/2017 5:08:11 PM)

Thanks for reminding smile

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