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Asset Importer – Commerce useful tool

Refer to SDK:

I’ll do a sample using Asset Importer with more simple steps.


- A Commerce site was upgraded to latest Commerce nuget package

- Code sample package was downloaded from

Complie tool Asset Importer

- Extract Commerce75CodeSamplePackage and

- Open EPiServer.Business.Commerce.Tools.ImportAsset.csproj

- Open Nuget package Manager Console and install latest Commerce nuget package: install-package EPiServer.Commerce.Core

- Make sure project can be built

Preparing folder asset

I have some images that will be imported to Commerce Media, and put them to a folder, name it as “Images” for example.

Preparing mapping file

Write a simple csv file and call it “mapping.csv”

Execute the importer

Open cmd and execute this command:

AssetImporter ..\..\Commerce75CodeSamplePackage\mapping.csv ..\..\Commerce75CodeSamplePackage\Images D:\EPiServer\MyEPiServerSite\wwwroot babycatalog –byasset

Syntax of AssetImporter command:

AssetImporter <mapping_asset_file> <asset_folder> <commerce_core_site_path> [asset_root] [-byasset] [-verbose]

Drink a coffee and enjoy result

Restart web application and open site, you can see:

- Images are import as media into babycatalog.

- Products/variants now have images.

Aug 22, 2014

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