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Episerver - update 330

New release of Episerver Campaign (target group can be used as template, personalized tracking disabled by default, export of unsubscribers, bounce counter shows unique bounces, and exported recipients csv file no longer overwritten).

The update applies to Episerver projects version 7.5 and higher, and contains finalized work items included in the latest iteration of services and related client-side NuGet packages. Continuous release updates are cumulative to include previous updates. Episerver supports all platform updates and strongly recommends that you keep ongoing projects up-to-date. You can install the update packages from the Episerver NuGet feed.

Note: A product release may contain multiple NuGet packages with inter-dependencies. This release information lists updated main package versions. When a release is built, other dependent packages may also be bumped to new versions, although they contain no publicly visible changes. This is done to avoid dependency errors. When you upgrade, NuGet alerts you to upgrade related packages to the required versions. For Commerce, it is important to ensure that you are running the same version of CMS and Commerce, both in the front-end and back-end applications.

Updated services and main packages

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Marketing_32.svgEpiserver Campaign

  • Episerver Campaign 8.39

New features:

    • Target group template
      When creating a new target group, you can use an existing target group from any client that you can access as a template. This is easier than creating from scratch, for example, if you have a complex target group definition with a lot of rules and you only want to change one rule or condition.
      See Target groups in the Episerver User Guide.
    • Personalized tracking
      When creating a new client, personalized tracking is disabled by default due to data protection. Customers need to request customer support to enable personalized tracking during onboarding. When you create a new client based on an existing one, the client inherits the setting.
    • Recipient Export: Global unsubscribers and unsubscribers based on recipient lists
      If you use unsubscribe lists based on recipient lists, you can choose whether to export global unsubscribers that are not assigned to any particular recipient list or unsubscribers that are assigned to one or more particular recipient lists.
      See Exporting recipients in the Episerver User Guide.
    • Bounce counter shows unique bounces
      For analyzing bounces, only unique bounces are counted. The bounce counter that is used, for example, in the campaign analysis in Smart Campaigns and in the recipient history shows unique bounces and the unique bounce rate.
    • Updated MultiRecipientCsvExporter job
      If you previously exported recipients into a .csv file using the MultiRecipientCsvExporter scheduled job, but did not pull the file, the next export job overwrote the file. The new behavior appends additional parameters to the new file name instead of overwriting the previous file.
      See Multiple recipients export job on Episerver World.

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Last updated: Aug 25, 2020