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Krzysztof Morcinek

Krzysztof Morcinek

 Alias: Krzysztof Morcinek
 Company: NoA Ignite Poland
 Location: Poland
 Blog: User hasn't created blog yet.

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Level: Citizen
Total contribution points: 94 (gain 281 points more to level up)

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Syndicated blog - Posted on: Dec 22, 2013

Moment.js Good library to make localizable JavaScript Dates is Moment.js. Through nuget it can be searched as “moment.js”. Except regular dates...

Syndicated blog - Posted on: Nov 04, 2013

In EPiServer 7 Web Forms project I wanted to find all usages of a regular property. But I failed – “Usages of ‘RightContentArea ‘ were not found.”....

Syndicated blog - Posted on: Oct 30, 2013

We have an e-commerce shop, so that we have products there. There should be Friendly URL for every product, so last part would be the name of a...

Syndicated blog - Posted on: Oct 24, 2013

ContentArea when empty (no blocks dragged) returns null in code. It’s fine when you use EPiServer standard code for handling ContentArea rendering:...

Syndicated blog - Posted on: Oct 07, 2013

You have a choice which one to use when you are building an EPiServer 7 website. IMHO this option is only to give developers familiar with Web Form...