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Optimizely .NET 5 Resources

As you've all heard by now, Optimizely Content Cloud (CMS) Version 12 and Commerce Cloud Version 14 are now officially released! On top of that, its core code has been updated to use .NET 5, bringing you better performance, better cross platform support, and easier development process.

To help you get started with exploring our latest version of CMS and Commerce, here is a list of resources that might be helpful to you.

General Info

  • .NET 5 Info Page - FAQs for Developers, Existing Customers, New Customers, and links to some resources.
  • .NET 5 Add-Ons Migration Status - Running list of packages that are owned and managed by Optimizely that have been migrated to .NET 5.



  • Class - Preparing for CMS 12 and Commerce 14


Oct 04, 2021

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