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  • Posted on: Jan 23, 2017

    As you know, the SerializableCart was released in Episerver Commerce 10.2.0. This improves performance a lot. However, before using SerializableCart, we need to first complete some tasks. This post describes how to "Convert IPaymentGateway to...

  • Posted on: Jan 06, 2017

    Since 10.2.0, Episerver Commerce introduced big changes that support cart features: SerializableCart . Why? In Commerce 9, we improved catalog performance -- about 10 times faster as I remember :). The purpose of SerializableCart is also performan...

  • Posted on: Jan 03, 2017

    We at Episerver follow the sematic version rules strictly and we try really hard to avoid breaking changes in non-major releases. We have been doing that well, but there is exception to anything and we, unfortunately, introduced one breaking chang...

  • Posted on: Dec 27, 2016

    Why - Sometime I need a cart for testing new business logic. - Sometime I need to create some cart for verify listing. - And sometime I need to create a lot of cart for checking performance. - In general, I need sample cart data. Those’re the reas...

  • Posted on: Oct 19, 2016

    As previously announced, new major versions of CMS  and CMS UI are coming. Compatible versions of Commerce, Find for Commerce and Service Api will be available from day one. In order to create a compatible version of Commerce, we have to do a smal...

  • Posted on: Oct 12, 2016

    We have released Quicksilver "2.0". The actual version number is not "2.0", but from now on, the version of Quicksilver will more or less match with the version of Episerver Commerce, when it is released. A new major version means breaking changes...

  • Posted on: Jul 06, 2016

    Our new Campaigns and Promotions features have been developed with customer involvement to ensure we are enabling them to reach their business goals of increasing revenues. In the latest release on our feed we have removed the beta stamp across th...

  • Posted on: Jul 06, 2016

    It's been in development and testing with beta customer for a while and with Commerce 9.19.0 it has finally dropped the beta stamp! A terminology issue - in the user interface we use the term "discount" and in code / APIs we use the term...

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