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  EPiServer.DynamicContent: Unable to load /episerver/shell/Stores/metadata/EPiServer.Core.ContentData

Steps to reproduce

1. Create a CMS 7.5 MVC site.
2. Upgrade the site to CMS11 (without the Episerver.cms.tinymce package).
=> The site works ok.
3. Install the EPiServer.DynamicContent.1.0.0 package.
4. Build a project then view the site.
5. Create a new page (e.g., Standard page, Product page ...).
=> show error:
Something went wrong
An unexpected error occurred, please contact your system administrator

Error in DevTools window:

dojo.js:15 GET http://vnlabvm23:1900/episerver/shell/Stores/metadata/EPiServer.Core.ContentData?modelAccessor=%7B%22parentLink%22%3A%225%22%2C%22contentTypeId%22%3A16%7D&dojo.preventCache=1511323798738 500 (Internal Server Error)...
_onClick @ widgets.js:2
(anonymous) @ dojo.js:15
dojo.js:15 _317 {message: "Unable to load /episerver/shell/Stores/metadata/EP…16%7D&dojo.preventCache=1511323798738 status: 500", response:

Unknown macro: {…}

, status: 500, responseText: "....

If you run into this problem, upgrade to 1.0.1 then make sure there is no module.config located outside the under modules_protected\Episerver.DynamicContent folder.

EPiServer.DynamicContent 1.0.1;
Nov 21, 2017